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Tall, dark and Superman... 
Rachel heard her alarm ring for the second time. It's already 5:30 in the morning and she doesn't want to get up. Why did she alarm this early anyway? That's right. Vacation is already over and it's her first day in her second year in high school. She sighed as she forcefully opened her eyes and stared at the flesh painted ceiling. Why did vacation have to end? She thought. She sighed once again. If only her life was a fairy tale, she must have been more excited about this. If this was a movie, there'd be this prince looking transfer student who'd be sitting next to her and when she drops her eraser, he'll be a gentle man to pick it up for her. Rachel daydreamed. But no. Her school only accepts new freshmen students. There'd be no prince looking transfer student who'll gently pick up her eraser for her. She sighed for the first time as she forced herself to part ways with her beloved bed and her daydreamed love story. Rachel dragged herself to the bathroom and started preparing. She placed her palm with a pea of the shampoo her aunt gave her for her 15th birthday which was more than one year ago. Do shampoos expire? She thought as she scrubbed it to her hair. Smells like different kinds of fruits. Rachel started humming Long Live as she filled her skin with a cheap milk soap that you can buy anywhere. After a few minutes, she started singing The way I loved you as she washed off the soap and the shampoo, dreaming that she's standing in front of millions of people cheering for her. She was not only singing. She's performing. After a 30-minute long bath, and a random choice of clothes, she was finally done.

"Rach, hurry up or you'll be late!" Called her mother who was downstairs preparing breakfast for the whole family. "I'll be there!" She said loudly, but not yelling. She brushed her thick long black hair and tied it up in a bun, not bothering to blow dry it. It's dry and frizzy anyway. She thought. Geez, why the hell did she bother to use all their hair conditioner that summer just to tie it in a bun! Her mind argued. It doesn't really matter. No prince looking transfer student will come anyway. It's the same students who were there last year will be the ones studying there. Not that there were no cute and handsome guys though. It's just that they probably won't or don't know there's a Rachel studying there. She just prayed that there won't be any of her former classmates in there. Her first year was a disaster. She got a C in her report card for the first time in her lie because she wasn't able to pass a group project because of her group mates. Her class was always the last in ranking. Oh God please! She begged. She wore her glasses and took one last look at the mirror then went down to eat her breakfast. 
"Pass the toast."
Her brother, Keith ordered. She looked at him with a no expression. "Get it." Keith pressed. They exchanged a few glares but Rachel thought it was pointly and sighed in defeat. Keith smirked. She passed the toasted bread which was brown and oozing of delicious smell. At first look, their relationship looks like the brother hates sister vise-versa type, but it's not. There was this time when Keith was in 6th grade and got his long time crush as his girlfriend but it turns out that she hates Rachel and the moment she insulted her, Keith broke them off at the same time. He ended up sulking for two weeks, and just cheered up when ended up crying because she saw him sulking for two weeks.  Their relationship is a protective brother and caring sister type. Just like what their mother said, they're just too embarrassed to show it. 

The school bus honked. Rachel waved to her mother as she left the house. She was seated with the window on her right and Keith in her left. Rachel have friends. The fake ones, and this year, she decided to find some real ones. Her relationship with her former classmates was her trying to fit in but didn't worked in the end. They laugh at different things and hate different things. There was this classmate of hers which everyone talks nicely to, but badmouthing her when she's away. Not that she's pitiful though. She does the same to everyone. Reanne thought she don't need friends who stabs you in the back. 

The bus reached the school.

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